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Moving to another country can be a big chance and also very challenging. A new job in a different country has many advantages such as gaining new experiences, discovering a new country, new culture or working in an international team. This can also be very overwhelming. When you relocate, it can be a full time occupation, demanding huge amounts of time, money and effort.

AK Relocations helps you to select the perfect place called home, finding the proper schools for your children and helping you integrate into your new environment. You and your family will be informed about German rules and typical practices.

With a great deal of comprehension, sensitivity and respect for your culture, a tailored service is provided to your individual needs.

A wide range of services is offered

  • Orientation tour through the city, residential areas and potential schools
  • Information about living in Germany
  • Finding the perfect place called home
  • Daily basics – shopping, language school, public transportation, sport activities
  • Leisure and recreational advice
  • Information regarding infrastructure, emergency numbers, security, living costs


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