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Personalized Relocation Service

Relocating to Augsburg, your journey begins here!

Welcome to Augsburg, one of the most historically significant cities in Germany! Augsburg is situated in Bavaria, not far from Munich or the Alps and was founded by the Romans over 2000 years ago.

AK Relocations is a personalized relocation service in Augsburg for both families and individuals who wish to make Augsburg their home. Whether moving across continents or across town, you will be fully supported along the way. It starts with an initial analysis of what you and your family need, expect and wish, because each individual has different priorities.

Relocating can be a lot easier than you expect!

Make your relocation smoother by choosing a professional and friendly relocation service in Augsburg– AK Relocations. The objective is a stress-free move so that you can be fully effective from day one of your new assignment.

Relocating and repatriation can be overwhelming and require a great deal of organization. It can also be extremely time consuming and a little frustrating. There are many decisions and considerations to be made and sometimes it is the small details that make a big difference. It is my intention to make sure that your settlement goes smoothly, so you can feel at home!

Simply give me a call or send me an e-mail!

7 simple steps

relocating you to Augsburg:


1First contact and interview with AK Relocations.

2Different options are explained to you and your family.

3An individual offer is put together tailored to your requirements & wishes.

4Second interview to define your choice.

5Appointments are made according to individual requirements.

6Appointments can be accompanied.

7You are supported along the way until happily settled.

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