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About me

My name is Alisa Mariana Kurz. I was born in Germany and grew up in Canada. Therefore I am fluent in English, German and French.

I completed my 3 year apprenticeship in the Hotel Business in Germany.

After my apprenticeship, I worked for 9 years in Hotel Management, Hospitality and Tourism (Germany, France and Switzerland). I gained experience in the areas of Project Management, Customer Care, Coordination and Quality Assurance. This gave me the opportunity to bring my communication and interpersonal skills up to an international level.

A one year travel in 2011 brought me to Canada, United StatesNew ZealandAustralia and Asia.

The last four years I worked for a company in Augsburg specialized in renting out temporary furnished accommodations. Combining my knowledge and experience, I founded AK Relocations in Augsburg to help you settle in a new country and a new city.

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